To ensure all guests have a positive experience, we kindly ask that you follow these etiquette guidelines during your stay:

Discretion & Confidentiality

  • The identity of all guests is kept completely confidential. Please respect the privacy of others by not discussing or posting about other clients.

Respectful Use

  • All equipment and furnishings should be used with care and left as found. Please do not remove items from the suite.
  • Any damage or issues must be reported immediately.


  • Please leave the suite as tidy as you found it. Used towels and bedding should be placed in the laundry hamper. Trash should be disposed of in the bins provided.
  • A £100 security deposit is required in case of damage or excess mess requiring special cleanup.


  • Provided sheets must be used for any wet play or messy activities.
  • No smoking or pets are allowed. Children are prohibited on the premises.

We aim to provide a comfortable environment for all our guests to play safely and considerately. Please contact us immediately with any concerns, emergencies, or questions about our policies. Thank you for following our etiquette guidelines. We look forward to welcoming you!