Meet the Curators: Introducing Miss Anne Tittou

Miss Anne Tittou brings over 10 years of professional domination expertise to co-curating London’s Bayswater Dungeon Suite. Her keen sensual sophistication and bold dominant spirit were instrumental in crafting this elite play space.

“I have always known there was that other, dominant, side to Me,” says Miss Anne Tittou, reflecting on beginning to explore her kinks in London. Attending fetish parties fueled her passion for BDSM, and she progressed from lab tech to becoming a full-time professional dominatrix.

Miss Anne Tittou takes pride in pushing submissives to their limits through practices like enforced servitude, humiliation, and more. “You will abandon old habits, address Me as Mistress with deference, and accept the exchange of power,” she explains of her domination style.

In co-designing the Bayswater Dungeon Suite, Miss Anne Tittou drew heavily on her decade-plus of experience to curate an immersive environment catering to adult fantasies. From floggers to cages, every detail aims to empower guests to unleash their inner kinkster.

“One of the many positive experiences from curating such a venue has been identifying the right tone and balance of the space, from the decor right through to equipment,” says Miss Anne Tittou. Her expertise ensures the suite offers the amenities and accessories needed for exciting yet safe play.

During domination sessions, Miss Anne Tittou only accepts the best. She enjoys partaking in elegant cultural affairs like gallery visits, opera, wine tastings, and fine dining. She brings this refined yet adventurous spirit to her role as co-creator of the Bayswater Dungeon Suite – an opulent escape for awakening your desires.