Meet the Curators: Introducing Madame Caramel

Madame Caramel (aka The Nubian Matriarch) is one of the lead curators behind Bayswater Dungeon Suite, bringing her extensive expertise in BDSM and professional domination to craft an exquisite play space.

As a lifestyle and professional dominatrix based between London, the Netherlands, and Dubai, Madame Caramel is nearing two decades of experience within the global Femdom community. She takes pride in mentoring both dominants and submissives, and sharing her wisdom through coaching, workshops, and hands-on training.

Madame Caramel’s vision was integral to designing Bayswater Dungeon Suite as a private, luxurious environment for indulging fantasies. Her deep understanding of both physical and psychological elements of BDSM informed every detail, from the top-tier equipment collection to the sensually designed play area.

“I take great satisfaction in helping people achieve their secret desires,” says Madame Caramel.

Beyond co-creating this one-of-a-kind rental space, Madame Caramel stays active hosting fetish events, managing an exclusive online dominatrix fan community, and mentoring both lifestyle and professional dominants worldwide through her travel engagements.

Madame Caramel brings all of this expertise plus ultra-feminine elegance and class to hosting guests at the Bayswater Dungeon Suite. Her discerning eye and lifelong immersion in BDSM enables the space to feel refined yet approachable.

The dungeon is her gift to share what she has learned on this profound journey of sensual discovery.